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Hi readers! Welcome to the HydrogenX Hydrogen Water Blog! HydrogenX is the world’s only alkaline water membership!

We are excited to launch this blog because we strongly feel that everyone should have access to healthy drinking water – which is hydrogen-rich alkaline water of course!

Alkaline hydrogen water is the best type of water to consume because it increases energy, improves focus, and maximizes hydration.

What makes us different than the other water ionizer brands is that we offer exceptional customer service at an affordable price. We designed the HydrogenX water ionizer with the newest technological advancements, and we hired and trained the most accomplished employees in the USA to accomplish this.

In fact – we’re proud to announce that IonizerWorld.com named HydrogenX the 2019 Best in Class Water Ionizer!


A handful of the top features that make HydrogenX the best non-electric water ionizer in the industry today are:

  • 360″ SpinSpout™ technology that’s counter-friendly, enabling the HydrogenX water ionizer to go on either side of your sink.
  • A stylish, elegant design that looks fantastic in any kitchen.
  • LCD display that’s smart and user-friendly.
  • Ultra-pure dual filters that remove the most harmful contaminants.

Actions speak louder than words – so don’t take our word for it! Take the following steps:

  1. Take our quiz and receive a detailed report about the quality of the water in your area.
  2. Register for your FREE pH test kit that you can use to test the pH of your water to see if it’s healthy or unhealthy.
  3. Sign up for your risk-free subscription to HydrogenX and start enjoying alkaline water benefits at home.
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Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you again soon!

Your friends at HydrogenX

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