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Mega-Pure Filtration


9.5 pH Alkalinity

9.5 pH

Up To -400 ORP Antioxidant Potential

Up To -400 ORP
Antioxidant Potential


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High-Tech Convenience

High Tech MiniSplay Readout

MiniSplay™ Readout

With HydrogenX advanced, MiniSplay™ technology, you’ll always be in the know when it comes to your HydrogenX Water Ionizer. And since the display is powered by batteries, there is no need for electricity near your sink.

High Tech 360 degree SpinSpout

360° SpinSpout™

Thanks to HydrogenX 360 degree SpinSpout™ technology, it’s small, powerful and counter-friendly. The HydrogenX Water Ionizer can accommodate the placement of virtually any space around your sink.

High Tech MiniSplay Readout

DualConnect™ Technology

As part of the HydrogenX Community, your filter replacements are always included! When they arrive, changing out your filters is super quick and easy thanks to HydrogenX DualConnect™ technology.

Filter Precision: .01 micron No. of Filters: 2 filters
Water Flow: 3L/min Water Source: Faucet
Water Temperature: 41-100°F Water Pressure: 15-60 psi
Dimensions: 4.72×4.92×11.69in Unit Weight: 2.2 lbs

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HydrogenX Other Ionizer Companies
No Big Up Front CostOnly $49 + $24.95 /month with no hidden fees! Icon Money Back Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Latest TechnologyWith HydrogenX, you can always upgrade to the latest and greatest! Icon UFO Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
No CommitmentNo contracts, no stipulations. Cancel anytime! Icon Canceling Marriage Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Big Results – Small FootprintKeep your counter clutter-free! Icon HydrogenX Water Ionizer Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Risk-FreeWe know you’re gonna love it, but you have 30 days to decide! Icon Parachuting to Safety Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Intelligent Digital ReadoutTracks the time along with your usage and filter life! Icon Digital Readout Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Think Less – Spend LessLet us worry about filter replacements when you need them. Everything ships automatically and for FREE! Piggy Bank Icon Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Save WaterGet all the pH and antioxidant benefits without wasting 30-40% of water like other ionizers do. Save Water Icon Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
Mega-Pure FiltrationDual filtration that’s proven to remove hundreds of contaminants! Mega Pure Filter Icon Icon Checked Icon Unchecked
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HydrogenX Other Ionizer Companies
Upfront Cost $24.95/mo $500 – $5000
Annual Filter Cost FREE $350
Annual Shipping Cost FREE $50 – $100
Annual Cleaning & Repairs FREE $200 – $450
Return Fee FREE $325 – $750
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Certified for Quality

CE ISO 9001 Envirotek Laboratories Universal Certification Centre QA International IAF UKAS ISO 14001
HydrogenX is Certified for Quality!


The secret - Extra Hydrogen Bubbles


Our filters produce water with rich levels of Molecular Hydrogen. As the smallest molecule, Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant since it’s the only antioxidant small enough to penetrate and enrich our cells directly.

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HydrogenX Antioxidant Water Provides

More Energy
Better Brain Function
Younger-Looking Skin

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HydrogenX Antioxident Water Promotes

Weight Loss
Mood Improvement
Inflammation Balance


Filtered Tap Water

Filtered Tap water

Slow, ineffective and misleading, the small, single filters in most pitcher solutions aren’t going to cut it. Because of their small size and limited media, they are only capable of removing the most basic contaminants. HydrogenX dual mega filtration crushes the competition with our advanced contaminant removing technology.

Tap Water

Tap water

Tap water is filled with chlorine, lead, and many other harmful contaminants. It’s cheap, but be mindful that the EPA has legal allowances for contaminants like feces, heavy metals and arsenic. Hit the get started button and take advantage of the HydrogenX FREE and INSTANT Water Quality Report to learn about the water issues in your area.

Tap Water
Bottled Water

Bottled water

Bottled water is often not filtered, and it sits in bottling plants, distribution centers, and the backs of hot delivery trucks for extended periods of time. The longer the water sits in its container, the more the plastic dissipates harmful chemicals into what you drink. With HydrogenX, enjoy unlimited amounts of the freshest and cleanest hydrogen-rich, alkaline water on demand. Help protect your family (and the planet) with HydrogenX!

Bottled Water

Reverse Osmosis water

Expensive RO Water filters remove EVERYTHING including the healthy minerals that are essential for strong bones and teeth. The RO process also turns your drinking water acidic, which is not ideal for proper health and hydration. HydrogenX removes all the bad stuff while leaving healthy minerals as well as increasing the pH to a healthy 9.5 and infusing the water with immense amounts of antioxidants.

Bottled Water


Energy Cycle Icon
Promotes high levels of energy and focus
Molecules Icon
Antioxidant enriching
Enriches your drinking water with powerful antioxidants
Water Droplet Icon
Hydrates your skin making it clear and healthy
Weight Scale Icon
Supporting your weight loss
Increases cardiovascular endurance during exercise
Beaker Icon
Natural pH
Balances your body’s natural pH levels
Stethoscope Icon
Improving your quality of life
Improves your quality of life, helping you feel alive and energized
Brain Icon
Better brain function
Allows for improved focus and brain function
Blue Smiley Face Icon
Mood improving
Enhances mental clarity, sleep habits and mood
Balance Scale Icon
Inflammation balancing
Helps balance inflammation in the body
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