When you’re looking for a water ionizer, you want to be sure that the ionizer you buy will deliver QUALITY RESULTS in these three areas:

  1. Filtration
  2. pH (alkalinity versus acidity)
  3. -ORP (oxidation reduction potential)


HydrogenX creates the same, if not BETTER, beneficial qualities of ionized, alkaline water at a FRACTION of the cost!

HydrogenX Water Ionizer Filtration System

When it comes to filtration, HydrogenX water ionizers have exclusive Mega-Pure Filtration technology that uses the same .01 micron filtration that is also used in kidney dialysis. This Mega-Pure Filtration is made possible through the use of two powerful filters, that when used together, remove hundreds of dangerous contaminants from your water. Keep your water safe and clean with HydrogenX!

pH Level of Ionized, Alkaline water

When it comes to the pH of healthy drinking water, alkalinity is key. Drinking alkaline water with a high alkaline pH of 9.5 is one of the cornerstones for maintaining good health. You’ll be happy to know that each HydrogenX machine is designed to produce water with an alkaline pH of 9.5, which you can prove yourself by testing your HydrogenX water with pH reagent drops that show a healthy purple color on the pH scale!

pH Level of Ionized, Alkaline water

Apple after Oxidation

Oxidation is bad. When considering oxidation, think about what makes apples turn brown and what makes nails rust. If your water is reversing the effects of oxidants, it is said to contain antioxidants and a negative ORP (or -ORP). It’s important that your water ionizer creates alkaline water with a healthy -ORP to reduce the oxidative stress on your body. A -ORP confirms that there are beneficial antioxidants in your drinking water. HydrogenX water is full of antioxidants and produces up to -400 ORP!