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Simply choose your favorite HydrogenX package (or use our wizard to help you decide). Our packages include options for shower and bath filtration as well as great alkaline drinking water.

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When you receive your package, the HydrogenX unit connects quickly and easily to your kitchen faucet and it makes unlimited amounts of healthy water for your entire family.

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Now that you’re set up, leave the rest of us. For one low monthly payment, we’ll cover all of your shipping costs, replacement filters and any needed maintenance.

“Can HydrogenX save me money in the long run?”


Our Membership Plans are designed and proven to save hundreds of dollars every year over traditional water ionizers. Plus when we upgrade, you can upgrade so you will always have the latest technology.

“Can HydrogenX produce the same filtration, pH, -ORP and molecular hydrogen without plate technology?”


Don’t get caught up in the confusion surrounding plates, power and price… HydrogenX is the Top-Rated “natural” water ionizer on the market today!

Did you know that there are famous springs around the world that produce what locals call “healing water?” Do you think these springs use plates and electricity to make highly purified, alkaline water rich with therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen? They don’t! Instead, they rely on naturally alkaline minerals that are found in nature to produce some of the healthiest water on Earth.

HydrogenX has studied what makes these healing springs so special and unique and we have cracked the code on natural, hydrogen-rich alkaline water!

“What do I have to lose?”


Try us for 30 days and see what everyone is talking about. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you all of your money back without a restocking fee.

Take the HydrogenX 30-Day challenge today and start feeling great again!

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