Hydrogen Water Benefits!

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The Benefits of Hydrogen Water from HydrogenX

It should come as no surprise to any of us that many of our water sources contain some unhealthy additives that we didn’t sign up for. These additives can range from heavy metals that originate from the soil and rusty pipelines to hormones, fluoride, and much more.

Take the water crisis in Flint, Michigan for example. Since 2014, citizens of Flint have been dealing with an overwhelming issue regarding the source of their water.

Four years ago, the city’s water source changed from Lake Huron to the Detroit River. Even though city officials have stated numerous times that the water has been tested and cleared, citizens are still uncomfortable with the foul-smelling, yellowish brown coloring of their water.


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The citizens of Flint aren’t the only ones concerned with their water. The battle for healthy, clean water is being waged all across the country, and even the world.

While water is the healthiest and purest substance that you can put in your body, sometimes the water source can leave cause for concern.

One way to eliminate this water source concern is to use a water ionizer like HydrogenX that filters out contaminants and pollutants that can be found in your locally sourced tap water.

Plus – HydrogenX produces hydrogen-rich alkaline water (known as hydrogen water) that’s healthier than regular water.

What Does Hydrogen Water Do?

Hydrogen water is ionized alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen.

Some of the hydrogen water benefits that you can get from a water ionizer include:

  • Hydrogen water promotes better gut health
  • Hydrogen water helps protect vital organs in our body
  • Hydrogen water assists in maintaining better oral health

Let’s dive into each of these health benefits a bit deeper…

Hydrogen Water Promotes Better Gut Health

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A lot of the weight and excess fat we carry is centrally located in our guts. It’s not uncommon to hear nutritionists and dieticians talk about “resetting your gut” when discussing our weight loss efforts.

When our diets consist mainly of fatty foods – unhealthy body masses can settle right in our midsection. Hydrogen water can help clear our guts of this mess.

By suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation, hydrogen water can help promote healthier digestion and gut health.

Hydrogen Water Helps Protect Vital Organs in Our Body

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Your HydrogenX water ionizer can help you fight inflammation levels in your body.

Another benefit of alkaline water that is rich in molecular hydrogen is the water’s ability to protect vital organs in our body. Drinking water is a surefire way to promote health within your body because water flushes your body of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Drinking hydrogen water can help suppress stress and harmful chemical reactions within the body that cause inflammation. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that drinking hydrogen water can help reduce inflammation levels throughout the body.

Hydrogen Water Assists in Maintaining Better Oral Health

With over 700 species of bacteria present in the oral cavity, researches and dentists are constantly looking for methods to alleviate the damage that oral bacteria can cause. Getting a clean, healthy smile can be a major investment for many people, and the last thing anyone wants is a cavity or a toothache.

Researchers from the Department of Oral Microbiology and Immunology at Dankook University conducted a dental study involving hydrogen water.

What these researchers found was that drinking hydrogen water may help improve your oral hygiene – due to the antibacterial properties that are associated with hydrogen water. Improved symptoms of gum disease were shown over time when patients drank hydrogen water daily.

What’s Next for Your Health?

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Other health benefits of drinking hydrogen water from a water ionizer include improved ear and eye health, improved brain function, and a boost in your mood and quality of life.

Water is the source of life that helps all life grow and flourish – which is why we should be concerned with the type of water we put into our bodies.

The best type of water to drink is hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer machine.

When you have a HydrogenX water ionizer at home, any previous concerns about water origination and harmful contaminants become a thing of the past.

HydrogenX water ionizers deliver better health in the form of clean, healthy hydrogen water that will help you look and feel better.

If you don’t know what the quality of your local water is like – get your FREE water report here and see if your water contains harmful contaminants that can damage your health.

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