HydrogenX vs Bottled Alkaline Water Brands

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Chances are…you may have heard of alkaline water. In fact, you might even be drinking it right now. If you aren’t – there’s a good chance you’re drinking tap or bottled water instead.

In this article – we’ll discuss the following topics:

The Brutal Truth Behind the Bottled Alkaline Water Industry
HydrogenX vs Bottled Alkaline Water Brands
Ditch Bottled Alkaline Water, Choose HydrogenX Alkaline Hydrogen Water!
What’s Hiding in Your Water?

What You Need to Know about Bottled Alkaline Water

Bottled water brands have been dominating the beverage industry for quite some time – with 63 percent of consumers stating that water is their go-to beverage.

There’s even been a recent surge in public awareness surrounding the health benefits of alkaline water. People have been turning to alkaline water to restore their body’s pH balance and to neutralize the acids and toxins in their body that tend to come from eating an acidic diet.

Naturally, this has led to an increase in bottled alkaline water brands storming the market in recent years.

water ionizer
Would using a water ionizer be more beneficial to your health than bottled water?

The Brutal Truth Behind the Bottled Alkaline Water Industry

In general, bottled water is perceived to be “healthy.”

However, consumers should be cautious of brands who claim that their bottled water is “healthy,” especially the brands who bottle alkaline water.

Many people have been drinking bottled water with the perception that the bottling companies are doing their part to remove chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful toxins from the water.

Unfortunately – fluoride can be found in most brands of bottled water and is dangerous to consume because it’s a potentially toxic mineral that is comparable to lead.

What’s worse is that the plastic used to create the bottle can have negative effects on your health.

Bottled water brands are infamous for saying that their brand of water is “pure” while still putting their water in plastic bottles that ooze chemicals from the plastic into the water that people are about to drink.

This is even worse when bottled water is stored in hot areas that are exposed to the sun.


bottled alkaline water
Bottled alkaline water might not be as healthy as you think it is…

Bottling companies have made a living off claiming that their water is just as healthy as alkalized water produced by water ionizers.

It’s important to note that putting alkaline water into plastic bottles and claiming the water is “healthy” and “filtered” destroys the purpose and benefit of drinking clean, healthy alkaline water.

All plastics are extracted from petrochemicals, which are known to cause cancer when consumed.

Many petrochemicals, including BPA, are present in foods and beverages that are stored in plastics.

Obviously, you’re not looking to consume petrochemicals on purpose, but when you consume a lot of beverages that are stored in plastic containers, you put yourself at risk.

What’s shocking is that bottled alkaline water can absorb these cancer-causing petrochemicals – so when you consume the water, you’re likely to consume the chemicals!

When ingested, these chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system and interfere with natural hormone production.

Most people may think, “My beverage comes in a BPA-free container, so I’m out of harm’s way.”

The reality is…BPA-free plastics are just as harmful as regular plastics that contain BPA.

According to a study published in September 2018 by Patricia Hunt, Ph.D. and her team of researchers – newer plastics that are utilized in BPA-free plastics may still be leaching into your food.

It’s clear that the safest route to go is to avoid plastics altogether – especially since the FDA has admitted to assigning a low priority level for inspecting bottled water plants.

HydrogenX vs Bottled Alkaline Water Brands

hydrogen water
Should you ditch bottled water for HydrogenX hydrogen water?

Bottled alkaline water can be found virtually anywhere – from your local convenience store to the supermarket.

Some of the popular bottled alkaline water brands that you may have seen or heard of include:

  • Essentia Enhanced 9.5 pH Water
  • Alkaline 88 Alkaline Water
  • Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water
  • Real Water Alkalized Water
  • LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water
  • Alkalife TEN Alkaline Spring Water
  • Perfect Hydration Alkaline Electrolyte Enhanced Water
  • Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

However – it’s clear that bottled alkaline water does not contain the same health benefits as ionized alkaline water from a machine such as HydrogenX.

  • A HydrogenX water ionizer produces alkaline water that’s rich in molecular hydrogen (H2) and essential minerals that your body needs, such as potassium, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. On the other hand – these bottled waters are missing molecular hydrogen.
  • Fresh alkaline hydrogen water from HydrogenX water ionizers contains a pH of 9.5 and negative ORP levels between -200 and -400 that is chock-full of antioxidants that your body needs.
  • Over 500 scientific studies have shown ionized alkaline hydrogen water to be extremely beneficial to your health and longevity when compared to bottled alkaline water.

It also makes no sense to purchase bottled alkaline water for a few reasons:

  • The antioxidants found in bottled alkaline water are gone after 24 hours, which is the main attribute of alkaline water from select water ionizer companies that have been proven to be the key health benefit, according to the over 500 scientific studies mentioned above.
  • Some bottled alkaline water brands even put an expiration date on their water bottles – meaning that you won’t be able to enjoy the benefit of alkaline water unless you drink the water by the expiration date on the water bottle. Doesn’t it just make sense to drink it fresh from a quality water ionizer?
  • For bottling companies to keep their alkaline water alkaline – they add alkali salts, such as magnesium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate, to the water. These bottling companies may as well just add baking soda to the water at that point, which will make the water alkaline, but not give you any of the health benefits that you can get from ionized alkaline water.

To obtain alkaline water benefits –you MUST alkalize water in a water ionizer such as HydrogenX that will add healthy molecular hydrogen to your water, alter your water’s pH level, and convert it into antioxidant alkaline water.

Ditch Bottled Alkaline Water, Choose HydrogenX Alkaline Hydrogen Water!

The evidence is clear: HydrogenX water ionizers are the right choice to make over bottled alkaline water when you want to put the health benefits of alkaline water into your home for you and your family to enjoy.

Did you know that you can also save TONS of money by investing in a HydrogenX water ionizer machine INSTEAD of wasting your hard-earned money on expensive bottled alkaline water?

Bottled alkaline water can cost as much as $5 a bottle – just 2 bottles of alkaline bottled water a day for 30 days will cost you $300 a month, and you won’t even get the benefits from molecular hydrogen.

Opt for a monthly HydrogenX membership instead with unlimited access to alkaline hydrogen water, which costs less than 85 cents a day!

We’ll also provide you with world class levels of customer service and support that you just can’t get from bottling companies – including a FREE water quality report and analysis.

What’s Hiding in Your Water?

We invite you to take this short quiz to obtain a FREE water quality report that will reveal what harmful contaminants and bacteria are swimming around in your drinking water. The truth just may shock you.

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Around a third of what the world spends on bottled water per year would pay to provide water to everyone in need.

Call us today at (833) 374-6542 to learn how you can better your health with HydrogenX while also bettering the world around you!

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