Water Ionizers are Saving the Planet!

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Water Ionizers are Saving the Planet

If you could help save the world by changing one simple thing about your daily routine, would you make the change? This same question was posed to people in the 1970’s when recycling initiatives were beginning to take off.

The simple act of being mindful of your garbage has helped lead people to recycle and compost roughly 87 million pounds of garbage each year. Simply changing one part of our daily routine has helped to save the planet tremendously over the years.

However, recycling isn’t the only way to be a responsible citizen of the world. If you love alkaline water and own a water ionizer, then you’re already making positive steps towards doing your part!

A little-known secret about water ionizers is their ability to save the planet.

Essentially, we can consider water ionizers to be the superheroes of the water world! Not only is a water ionizer good for the planet, but they are good for your health too!

I’ll explain how in just a second, so keep reading.

How Water Ionizers Can Help Improve the Environment

Daily usage of a water ionizer machine can help improve the environment in 3 key ways:

  • Water ionizers reduce the usage and waste of plastic bottles
  • Water ionizers limit the occurrence of water waste
  • Water ionizers promote healthier growth in certain plants
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I want YOU to save the planet by using a water ionizer!

Water Ionizers Reduce Plastic Waste

One of the benefits of owning an alkaline water machine is the reduction of plastic waste usage.

According to Forbes, our consumption of plastic bottles averages 1 million a minute. Of those 1 million plastic bottles, 91% of those bottles are still not recycled – which means an overwhelming amount of our plastic bottles are being left to pollute and take up space in landfills instead of being efficiently repurposed.

The solution? Water ionizers help eliminate the need for plastic waste.

By converting your tap water into fresh alkaline water, you can use reusable water bottles for whatever you want, whenever you want. The more you use your water ionizer – the less you are contributing to the amount of plastic waste in the world.

It’s also worth mentioning that plastic bottles ARE NOT a healthy source for water consumption!

Some Bottled water companies have transitioned away from using BPA-laced plastic – but there are still other chemicals in the plastic that can be harmful and negatively affect your health with increased usage.

Water Ionizers Limit Wasted Water

Another big way to save the planet is through water conservation. Believe it or not, there are clean drinking water shortages all around the country.

From the corroded pipes in Flint, Michigan to the drought that has been plaguing California for years, clean drinking water is not as accessible as we may think. It’s important that we become mindful of how much water we waste on a regular basis.

Water ionizers play an integral part in water conservation. The mechanics behind the water ionizer creates less water waste than other methods of water consumption. Some of the less than desirable methods of water consumption create up to 10x the amount of wasted water than a water ionizer.

In today’s environmentally conscious world – water is a precious resource that we can’t dare waste a drop of.

water ionizer

Eliminate wasted water in your sink by using a water ionizer. Photo: Express Newspapers UK

Water Ionizers Promote Healthy Plant Growth

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water (known as hydrogen water) from a water ionizer like HydrogenX is tremendously healthy for your body – but did you know that water ionizers can be healthy for some of your plants too?

The soil is vital to the overall health of a plant – with soil being planted on either an acidic or alkaline ground. A plant will choose the type of water and soil to grow in based on the pH levels that they prefer to grow in. If the pH balance of the soil is off, the plant can experience leaf chlorosis and other damaging diseases that will cause the plant to die.

Some examples of healthy plants that you can eat that love to grow in alkaline soil are oranges, cantaloupes, beets, and asparagus. Watering these fruits and vegetables with alkaline water from your water ionizer can help promote a healthy pH balance in the soil. Like how the benefits of alkaline water help the human body, alkaline water also helps these healthy plants that you can eat!

One “trick” that florists like to use for their cut flowers and other live plants is alkaline water. If you’re not sure about whether to give your plants acidic or alkaline water – contact your local garden center.

What Can You Do to Save the Planet?

All it takes is one change…a break from the norm…to help do your part and save the environment!

Want to know what you can do to save the planet? The next time that you pick up that bottled water or you pour water from the tap – I challenge you to stop and think about what you’re doing.

Drinking hydrogen water from a water ionizer is a simple way of doing your part to save the planet while making a healthier decision for yourself!

Alkaline water is not only the best water for your body but also the best water for the world that we live in.

Want to get started on your planet-saving efforts today? Look no further than HydrogenX – the world’s ONLY alkaline water membership! For less than 85¢ a day – you can enjoy hydrogen-rich alkaline water benefits from the comfort of your own home.

I also invite you to grab our FREE Water Ionizer Checklist to make sure that your water ionizer has what it takes to make the BEST alkaline water!

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