Alkaline Water vs Gatorade vs Powerade

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Hydrogen-rich Alkaline Water vs Gatorade vs Powerade

Sports drinks or alkaline water?

To help you decide which drink to choose while exercising – this article will highlight:

What Happens When You Exercise
Gatorade and Powerade
HydrogenX Alkaline Water
Your Choice: Sports Drinks or Alkaline Water?

Staying Hydrated During Exercise

Here’s a scenario: You start exercising and you begin to use large amounts of energy. So, you’ll want to hydrate properly with a drink that’s beneficial to your health.

alkaline water

Staying hydrated with alkaline water is like having an extra hand while you exercise.

The optimal drink will:

  • Promote high levels of energy and focus
  • Provide proper hydration
  • Support weight loss
  • Improve overall quality of life
  • Promote optimal brain function
  • Improve your mood
  • Have no side effects or hidden flaws

Will the properties of alkaline water give you an advantage over famous, commercial sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade?

What Happens When You Exercise

For starters, we use oxygen and a lot of it! This results in lower muscle pH, which leads to muscle exhaustion.

To help replenish, you need to use something that will help fight off lactic acid build up, such as water that contains a High pH and Molecular Hydrogen (a natural antioxidant).

Drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer will help fight off these acidifying effects during exercise and will restore muscle pH to 7.2 at a much faster rate.

Get fit and lose weight!

Gatorade and Powerade

Gatorade was “born in the lab” with the goal to replace essential electrolytes and carbohydrates while hydrating at the same time. Did they succeed in creating a healthy drink for athletes? Short answer – no! But, we’ll go into more details here shortly.

Powerade is a sports beverage that was developed to replenish electrolytes, carbohydrates, and vitamins during physical activity.

The case with Powerade and Gatorade is similar, as each bottle contains large amounts of sugar and calories, which could lead to weight gain! They both offer a zero-sugar beverage, but artificial sweeteners are often even worse. Stay away from drinks that taste sweet and have zero sugar because you are doing your body more harm than good.

There are better choices out there that contain more health benefits without the junk that gets put into sports drinks. The best choice to make is choosing HydrogenX alkaline water.

HydrogenX Alkaline Water

Numerous studies have shown that drinking alkaline water is the best way to stay hydrated while playing sports and is essential for our well-being.

Drinking ionized water that is created with the help of an alkaline water machine is six times more hydrating than regular water because of the pH levels found in alkaline water.

Your Choice: Sports Drinks or Alkaline Water?

Science knows better than marketing, and facts put alkaline water on the top of the list. Even though there are methods to make alkaline water on your own, the best and easiest long-term solution for making alkaline water is a water ionizer. Water ionizers are an important ally in your battle for better performance and health.

Since you want to drink the best alkaline water possible, the top choice is HydrogenX. HydrogenX is a non-electric water ionizer that you can subscribe to through the world’s only alkaline water membership.

water quality

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  1. Thanks for the excellent guide. I now want HydrogenX alkaline water instead of sports drinks when I exercise.

    1. Hey Buck – I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Drinking HydrogenX alkaline water before, during, and after your workouts will keep you properly hydrated so that you can push through when you need to the most. Check out our water ionizer here and take the HydrogenX 30-day challenge!

  2. I researched long and hard to find the best alkaline water machine for my home. I recommend HydrogenX to everyone looking to improve their health through better tasting drinking water!

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