HydrogenX Specifications

HydrogenX Unit


  • Item No: Hydro6000X
  • Size: 120*125*297mm (4¾*5*11¾ in)
  • Water flow: 3L/min (0.79 G/min)
  • Working water pressure: 0.07-0.35Mpa (10.15-50.76 PSI)
  • Working water temperature: 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F)
  • Weight: 1.7KGS (3.75 LBS)
  • Installation type: Quick fitting
  • Filters: UF Membrane & Composite Filter
  • Life of the filters: 6000L water flow (varies for different water qualities) Packaging: One set/color box, 6 sets/carton
  • Carton size: 510*510*390mm (20*20*15¼in)


HydrogenX Ionizer Machine Parts Diagram
  1. Water Output
  2. UF Membrane Filter
  3. Composite Filter
  4. Machine Housing
  5. Base Pad
  6. Water Output Connector
  7. Pipe
  8. Connector Nut
  9. Connector Adapter
  10. Silicon Gasket
  11. Stainless Steel Net
  12. Connector Head
  13. Multi-Function Joint
  14. Connector Adapter Key


HydrogenX Water Ionizer Package Contents
  1. Machine body (1 PC)
  2. Connector head
  3. Parts and accessories (4pc-Connector Adapter, 1pc-Multi-Function Joint, 1pc-Adapter Key)

High-Tech Convenience

High Tech MiniSplay Readout

MiniSplay™ Readout

With HydrogenX advanced, MiniSplay™ technology, you’ll always be in the know when it comes to your HydrogenX Water Ionizer. And since the display is powered by batteries, there is no need for electricity near your sink.

High Tech 360 degree SpinSpout

360° SpinSpout™

Thanks to HydrogenX 360 degree SpinSpout™ technology, it’s small, powerful and counter-friendly. The HydrogenX Water Ionizer can accommodate the placement of virtually any space around your sink.

High Tech MiniSplay Readout

DualConnect™ Technology

As part of the HydrogenX Community, your filter replacements are always included! When they arrive, changing out your filters is super quick and easy thanks to HydrogenX DualConnect™ technology.

Filter Precision: .01 micron No. of Filters: 2 filters
Water Flow: 3L/min Water Source: Faucet
Water Temperature: 41-100°F Water Pressure: 15-60 psi
Dimensions: 4.72x4.92x11.69in Unit Weight: 2.2 lbs


  1. The feed water of the machine must be greater than or equal quality of municipal tap water.
  2. Please let the output water flow for about 15 seconds before using the purified water.
  3. Please let the output water flow for at least 1 minute if you didn’t use the machine for more than 2 days.
  4. Please replace your filter if the water outflow is significantly slower.
  5. Please use the machine under available source water pressure (10.15-50.76 PSI). Please adjust your source water pressure if it is too high, otherwise it could cause damage to the machine.
  6. Please don’t clean the body of the machine with corrosive liquid or detergent.
  7. Avoid setting machine under direct sunlight, as damage may occur.