Frequently Asked Questions

Can TOO much alkaline water be bad?

In most cases no. We have observed some of our customers drink up to 2 gallons of alkaline water a day. Alkaline water supports your bodies natural pH and has never been shown to have any negative effects.

How long does it take to install my unit?

The average install takes no more than 5 minutes. Refer to our installation video at for a more detailed look at the installation process.

Can I damage my unit by having the water flow too fast?

Yes, if you exceed 3L/min of water flow you will not be giving your unit enough time to enrich the water with the minerals. For optimal alkaline levels, keep water flow between 1.5-2L/min. The HydrogenX unit will have a water flow rate displayed at all times. Please refer to this on your unit and be sure not to exceed 3L/min.

How long do my filters last?

HydrogenX filters last up to 6000 L of water flow; for the average family, that is enough to last a whole year! With your membership, HydrogenX will send you new filters every six months for FREE to ensure that your water is always clean, fresh and up to the high standards that HydrogenX sets for each of our valued customers.

Can I drink alkaline water on medication?

ALWAYS consult a doctor first. In general, alkaline water should NOT be consumed 45 minutes before medication and 45 minutes after.

Can I drink alkaline water with nutritional supplements?

Yes. The alkaline water will assist your body in absorbing the nutrition, helping you get the most out of your supplements. Some consumers have even claimed to have eased the portion due to getting better results with the alkaline water.

Can I make tea or coffee with the alkaline water?

Yes, the alkaline water will help enhance and richen the flavors. This effect is due to alkaline water having a higher absorption rate and neutralizing some of the acidity.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t drink ionized water?

Yes, someone who is being treated for chronic or severe kidney problems or on dialysis should not drink ionized water.

How does the 30 day risk free trial work?

If the customer wishes to cancel their membership within 30 days from the sign up date, they will receive a full refund when the products are returned.

What are the benefits of molecular hydrogen?

There is well supported research on the benefits of molecular hydrogen, the specific types and degree of benefits will range between consumer. But, the most common and most prevalent benefits will be a boost in energy, younger looking skin and a general mood improvement. Keep in mind, there is tons of other benefits, you can visit the “Molecular Hydrogen” section on our homepage to learn more.

Can I drink alkaline water all day?

Yes, except at or near mealtimes or when taking medication – other than that, by drinking alkaline water throughout the day you are providing your body with consistent hydration and a steady supply of antioxidants.

How do I set the time on my unit?

Looking at the bottom of the unit, hold down the left button for 4 seconds, use the left button to switch between minutes and hours. Use the right button to increase the time. When time is set, hold the left button until numbers stop flashing.